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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 11:20 pm

Lucky for you, I'm pretty lax about the whole rules thing. Unlucky for you, I still expect you to RP more than one line - I don't stand for noobish RPs.

1) Please don't argue with an admin for a stupid reason? We expect to be respected, considering we're the ones keeping the site updated and allowing a place for you to RP in.

2) Try and refrain from cuss words - some people here may be minors. If you're RPing as Hidan, just bleep them out? We all know Hidan isn't exactly a saint with how he speaks xD

3) No sexually harrassing another female member - unless if she agrees to it or something...

4) The maximum amount of characters you're allowed to start out with is one. You're allowed another character 50 posts later, so once you reach 50 posts you can have another character, and so on...

5) Try and use correct grammar and punctuation? It's annoying when people are trying to read a post and can't understand what it's even saying.

6)While fighting their shall be no not getting hit every person in a fight must be punch a couple of times even if your on elite level. It would be simply unfair to just beat the crap out of someones character without getting hit so much as one time.
No one is indestructible here not even me

7) NO GODMODDING!!! I'm serious!!

8)Your character application (or Character Sheet, as you may hear it be called sometimes) MUST be approved before you can roleplay IC. And if you want a custom weapon it must be approved as well.

9)If their is a problem and you bring it up with anyone apart of my staff and they disagree please don't argue because it would get you into trouble, simply put.

10) try and not blow up any villages? We kinda need those for RPing...

11)No spamming ._.

12)Don't kill another person's character without their permission, or your character may end up being killed and remember, though this is a fictional RP site, a character's death will still be permanent.

13)No one liners... it's too little for people you're Rping with to work with... try and make it at least 3 lines. It sucks when people do one liners, and the other people look like noobs because they have nothing to RP with.

14) You can only have one character with a bloodline trait. So, if you make a new character it can't be apart of a clan. This helps so the site doesn't have over powered characters running around killing people with EMS or doing the Hyuugan death poke.

15) I'll say it again. No godmodding, foo!
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