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 App approval help

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PostSubject: App approval help   Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:03 pm

I don't want it to be like last time - where we approved even the biggest of noobs. This time, how about we read over their apps carefully, and make it fair for the other people.
For fair, I mean that we won't approve people if one group gets too full. So if we have an army of Akatsuki, we'll stop approving Akatsuki members. That goes the same for any other group - if we get too many Konoha members, we'll close that up. Also, for Sage I was thinking we could only approve three people - since it's hard to get that high, and those people have to be good RPers. So, they have to have at least a 5 or 3 paragraph long RP sample - and it can't be noobish at all.
This also goes for main characters. Last time, Naruto was approved and he blew up Kirigakure - not a good thing, mainly because he can't act IC like Naruto at all. We'll ask the characters also to show how well they RP their cannon in the RP sample, and if they suck, don't approve them. This also goes for Kages - if the Kage is good enough with RPing, we'll approve them. If they're a total power hungry noob... well you get the point.
This is mainly because I don't want this site to kill itself out again. Try to enforce the rules, and try to abide by them as well. Thanks (:
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App approval help
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