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 Shin Ishihana application

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Shin Ishihana

Shin Ishihana

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PostSubject: Shin Ishihana application   Shin Ishihana application Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 9:05 pm

Shin Ishihana, the flowering Hazumikage of greatness!

Name:Shin Ishihana
Appearance:See avatar
Rank:Hazumikage (Kage of the country of Spring)
Affilation:Hazumi no Kuni (Spring country)
Bijuu: 10 tailed petal dragon.
Kekkei Genkai:Godai Hana
Weapon:Goujuhana Ishishi, a massive thin sword which can dissappear into petals.
Chakra element:Ice,Fire,,Lightning,Flower
Shin Ishihana is the last descendant of the Hanazuki clan of the Spring country, at the age of 17 he became Kage of one of the most technologically advanced Ninja countries, The Hanazuki clan, had inept control over flower petals, this however is built to deceive, the petals are in fact blades, but look exactly like petals, it is impossible to see the difference until they dismember people, Shin's Kekkei Genkai, Godai Hana, allows him to put 5 different elements on his petals, this proves effective against different enemies, Shin has the amazing ability to file himself away into the form of petals, much like Konan does with paper but hovever, he can move the petal entity of his body into another form, most consider this shapeshifting, this makes it for easy travel and proves effective in combat, but to an extent is this procedure takes a while to do, so trying to use it in combat is fruitless, Shin's personality is quite sleazy, and he is a flirt, he is good looking and he enjoys working out, he wears a green leaf print leather jacket with matching pants, But despite his carefree nature, he cares deeply for the country he owns and will do anything to protect it, and he used to have a sister,Hanahime Ishihana, he loved this big sister of his, but she was murdered by the Mist, and he wishes to find the person who killed her and make him pay, he visits his sister's grave every day, and he strives to make her and his clan proud.
Ice Petal justus/Techniques:

Ice pellet cannon:Shin shoots a large amount of sharp ice petals at the enemy at an outstanding rate.
Ice drill:Shin makes a large spinning drill out of ice petals and stabs it into the enemy, it then shatters into many pieces, dismembering the poor enemy.
Ice storm:Shin makes a barrage of dagger shaped ice petals and makes it rain down on the enemy.
Twin ice petal blades:Shin makes two ice blades out of petals, these are used offensively and defensively, and can be dismissed whenever he wishes them to, or when he is half dead.
Ice dragon:Shin summons a massive ice dragon made out of ice petals, however, this dragon is very hard to control and it really takes up a lot of chakra.
Ice mace:Basically the same as the sword, only a mace.
Flame dragon:Same as the ice one, only fire
Fire Petal Jutsu/techniques
Hell's fire cannon:Shin shoots a barrage of fire petals at a massive rate, these petals burn through almost anything and explode on impact.
Blast Coffin:Shin covers the enemy in flower petals, which seems okay at first, but then the petals explode with a massive blast radius
Flame whip: Shin makes a strand of petals and crashes it down on the opponent, any part of the whip which touches something explodes, except for the part on his hand.
Flame mace:Explains itself
Flame blades:Explains itself.
5000 flaming flowers of death:Shin dissipates Goujuhana Ishishi into 5000 flaming flowers which explode and cause massive damage to the surroundings and enemy.
Lightning Petal Jutsu/Techniques
Lightning Shock Coffin:Shin covers the enemy in lightning petals, then a massive ray of lightning strikes down on the enemy.
Lightning petal barrage:Shin shoots a mass amount of lightning petals which electrocute the enemy
Lighting dragon:Same as the ice dragon, but in lightning.
Lighting veil:Shin surrounds the enemy with lighting petals, which all emit a lightning bolt, this then forms a network of streams, leading straight to the enemy.
Normal flower petal justus/Techniques:
Blissful Destruction:Shin sends normal petals that emit a sleep enducing scent, when the enemy is lulled into not moving, the petals then slice through the enemy, dismembering them on most tries.
Splicing Blossom:Shin sends two streams of petals to capture the enemy, they then twist around each other, as if they were wringing out a wet cloth and fracture a lot of bones in the enemy's body.
Petal tidalwave:Shin makes a massive tidalwave of petals which when they land on the opponent, Shin slams the floor and the petals crush the enemy, because the petals are sharp, this usually results in dismemberment.
Petal clone:Shin creates a number of clones out of petals, these can even detonate if they are made out of fire petals.
Petal switch:Because almost all the entity of Shin's body are petals, Shin can switch positions with any other plant, flower of petal being or creation.

Shin was walking down an alley in Kirigakure, he was not allowed in here partially because he was a kage of a minor village, He turned around to see a bunch of guards ready to arrest him. "Look...I suggest you let me go, you will not take me alive..." Shin said to the guards. "What was that? I can't hear you...You want to arrest me? What have I done that deserves me being held captive?...Ugh fine...If it's gonna be that way..." Shin said, drawing his incredibly large sword and letting the blade clonk to the floor. "Have a blissful death..." He muttered, as the petals that form the sword detach and stick themselves onto the guards. Shin was a peaceful man, he wasn't going to kill anyone without good reason. The petals simply released a sleep inducing scent that knocks out anyone with low amounts of chakra, in this case, they were the lowest class of ANBU, so they just dropped like dead flies. Ryu's body started to peel away into petals and float away. "I will let your flowering existence bloom..." He said, as his entire body flickered away into petals and floated off into the distance.
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PostSubject: Re: Shin Ishihana application   Shin Ishihana application Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 10:46 pm

Shin Ishihana application Approved
Looks good - I'll approve this. But, next time follow the 'code' on the app Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Shin Ishihana application   Shin Ishihana application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 9:16 am

Oh noes! I didn't follow the code! Sheet!

So UN-youthful!
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PostSubject: Re: Shin Ishihana application   Shin Ishihana application Icon_minitime

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Shin Ishihana application
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