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 Miyako's Expedition to Konohagakure

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Miyako's Expedition to Konohagakure Empty
PostSubject: Miyako's Expedition to Konohagakure   Miyako's Expedition to Konohagakure Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 3:11 pm

*she walks the bridge heading to konoha knowing that they have been the most in contact with the Akatsuki she plans to lay low in the town for awhile until they make contact with one again as she walks the bridge noticing that its been finished the last time she was here was when she was 13 with her cousin Yugito the mist surrounds the bridge making he vision cloudy only to see where she would walk nothing more nothing less the mistt would be damp wetting her clothes as she walked further and further nearing the end of the bridge she would be able to see light eminate from the end after another 20 minutes in the walk she reaches the end able to see now a clear vision the sun visible she would be happy finally finishing the walk through the bridge since she would be that much closer she continues the walk entering the forest towards Konoha*...
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Miyako's Expedition to Konohagakure
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