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 Inside the Forest

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Inside the Forest Empty
PostSubject: Inside the Forest   Inside the Forest Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 3:26 pm

*she walks the forest after exiting off the bridge shes walked the forest more then 3 hours only to be in the center of it she smells decay of animals in it and even bodies now knowing why its called the forest of death she walks around a tree to continue down her path seeing a flat area of destuction there would be a stump of a tree sticking out from the ground deserted cover inside a hollow tree and marking of fire every where* " I wonder what happend here... " *she continues her walk searching for the way out of the forest passing a gaint decaying snake once again she would get frustrated knowing she would be lost in the forest she decides to se up a camp here walking back to the opening of the tree clearing everything out of it she lays out her things she walks out of the tree setting up traps for anyone who tries to get to her after she preforms 5 simple hand signs the opening in the tree would be shrouded with Genjutsu only for others to see it closed up and dead decaying bodies around it she then walks off dropping a trail of rocks to find her way back as she searches for food and water*
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Inside the Forest
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