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 Character Application

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PostSubject: Character Application   Character Application Icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 7:01 pm

(OKay, this is how you make a character app. You copy the text below this one, then go to http://pamizardrpg.forumotion.com/character-creation-f31/ and press POST NEW then you paste the text into the box. Understand?? Good :DD)

Name: (First and last.)
Alias: (What does your character go by or his/her nickname?)
Gender: (Female or male... If you want, you can be both O.o...)
Age: (Keep it believable.)
Blood Type:
Rank: (Ninja Ranks to rogue ranks. S, A, B, D, E, etc.)
Former Rank: (For rogue ninja before you left your village)
Village: (If you're a rogue or a traveler put your former village.)
Affiliations: [A Group you are Affiliated with such as Akatsuki if not affiliated with an Outside group put down None. We won't be accepting any more non-cannon akatsuki members right off the bat, you need to roleplay with an admin and get accepted into the group.)
Elements: [Put down your Elements unless you have a Kekke Genkai or another means of having a Sub Elements only the 5 Basic Elements are available to you. NARUTO BASED!!!)
Kekke Genkai: (A bloodline jutsu/ability.)
Personality: [The way your character acts. At least a paragraph.)
Appearance: [a pic or explain. Explanation requires paragraph MINIMUM.)
Bio: [ No short Bios Please. At least a paragraph minimum.)

RP sample: (This is optional, but for characters wanting to be part of the storyline or major characters such as kage, Madara, or any of the Akatsuki you must give a sample to let the us know your RPing skills and if you are fit to the rank.)
The template above is sort of a guide line minor stuff such as family members likes/dislikes and any other sort of crap can be added to your Character info if you want. Take a look at the fail character application before proceeding....
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Character Application
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