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 Tairyoku Role playing Info.

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PostSubject: Tairyoku Role playing Info.   Tairyoku Role playing Info. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 06, 2010 7:29 pm

Name: Tairyoku Maeda Akiko.
Age: 15
Hair color: Black.
Alias: The engmatic warrior.
Eyes: Black .
Kekke Genkai: Genocide Orb.
Elements: Darkness.fire
blood type: O
Rank: A.
Personality: Tairyoku is cold yet amusing. He loves to mess around and tick people off. He hates being bother while he's doing something. He aims to crush all speeders. He tends to be a big flirt. He doesnt really care who he hurts or kill. Along he gets his goal which is to beat his big brother finally. Tai tends to be very very laid back he wont take anything srsly unless he know the person is srs. He has alot of mood swings and speaks what on his mind. He tends to curse alot to to express his emotions.
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Tairyoku Role playing Info.
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