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 Yuta Sayu Nanashi

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Yuta Sayu

Yuta Sayu

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Name: Yuta Sayu Nanashi
Nickname: No-name (Her last name, Nanashi, in japanese translates into "No Name")
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Rank: Rogue Ninja S rank
Former Rank: The rank Yuta had received before leaving Sunagakure was elite jounin; upon leaving her power continues to grow.
Village: Sunagakure (Sand Village)
Affiliations: Akatsuki
Elements: Yuta's element is fire.
Kekke Genkai: Yuta's physical Kekke Genkai is simply her inhuman body; insanely tough skin, very light weight due to hallow bones, increased sense of scent and hearing, slight resistance to heat, increased nightvision. Yuta has a mental Kekke Genkai of shadow manipulation as long as her chakra lasts. (Example: Yuta can only use shadow as long as a light casts on it, in a dark room this ability would be useless... she can manipulate the shadows off the ground using precise chakra control creating a similar affect to Gaara's sand. The limitations to this are that she cannot manipulate any shadow that is chakra induced unless she was already manipulating it. This ability costs chakra and the longer she uses it the more exhausted she becomes. Because of this, she uses this ability more for assassination attacks.)
Personality: Yuta is cheerful and kind, having a soft spot for almost anyone she can relate to. Because she can relate to the jinchuriki hosts, she is seen not taunting them and making them feel hopeless as she battles them... instead she tries to make them feel that it's a good thing their beasts will be removed; they are helping Akatsuki to a peaceful shinobi world, having most of the same views as Pain. Rarely someone annoys her because of her easy going nature... Though her cold side is not something to be tampered with; when you anger her or irritate her she can have a pretty large cuss language. From her sealed demonic powers inside that seal has developed into an alternate personality; when released the two personalities refer to each other as different people though of being the same blood and body. When the seal is released, Yuta appears to have red slit eyes, longer nails as claws, stronger skin, her inhuman speed increased, her senses increased, etc. This personality is sadistic, slightly almost completely psychopathic, taunting, rude, and sly. Yuta refrains from accessing this power within herself because of that she wishes to overcome her powerful side with making her other side just as powerful. She loves to annoy fellow Akatsuki members and annoy them with nicknames such as... "Blondie"; "Church Boy"; "Sushi-san"; "Blind Weasel"; etc. The members Yuta does not annoy are Pein himself and Zetsu; those two are the ones she looks up to. Yuta listens to Madara and obeys his command without a word though she follows Pain and is most loyal to him than Madara himself. Yuta tries to when she fight end the battle quickly with assassination attacks; she doesn't enjoy torture unless she is pissed off. Her battle strengths lie in taijutsu and ninjutsu... not so much for genjutsu. Yuta has a very large knowledge of vital points, pressure points, etc and with her extremely fast movement she can use those against her opponent to simply knock them out before the battle begins.Yuta is sarcastic and has a good sense of humor, nearly always smiling even if she is upset. If she is upset she won't show it; she believes being strong is smiling for others and not dumping her worries or problems on others, keeping them to herself. Resulting from this when something has been bothering her for quite some time and you annoy her, she would erupt much worse and harshly then she normally would have. Despite her kind nature in battle she is ruthless and taunting, if you annoy her enough and engage in battle she will try to cut down your confidence and hit you where it hurts mentally.
Yuta has a great love for music and art, being seen either playing the piano or writing when she is not participating in missions. Yuta plays the violin and piano when she can; her musical ability is astonishing as she had spent so much time on it. Yuta's view on art is that of the same as both Sasori's and Deidara's... she believes that art is most remembered in a fleeting moment as well as people from all over the world come to one place to see a piece of art that has lasted through hundreds of years. She is great at playing the piano and violin but not so much with the electric guitar... she regularly prefers singing over instruments. Yuta hates being at the center of attention thus not participating in too many activities that require talking in front of crowds... when she does, she blushes and stutters appearing very nervous. Even though she has stage fright she is outgoing and when she is alone she plays her best, whenever she skips class almost always being seen in the training grounds or a ramen stand. Because of this she was easily found when skipping class in academy. Despite skipping class and being late frequently she has a genius IQ so she aces most written tests anyway. Her best class is English outside of the ninja academy when she was young; she aims for becoming an author or musician with her raw talent of writing if she is unsuccessful as a ninja.

Yuta is 5'7 and pale, her body skinny and large chested. Her limbs are small and appear fragile, though don't let that fool you; despite the lack of visual muscle her brute strength is amazing.Her eyes are a stunning emerald green that appear as red slits when her "demon" is released. Her hair is fiery red that glints like flame in the light at sunset and sunrise, reaching down to the small in her back, normally in a ponytail or other sorts. Her attire are just like the picture; when in battle she places the Sand village headband with a line crossed out over her forehead to show as if she hasn't given up yet on the Sand... when actually it's the opposite.
Bio: When Madara Uchiha had brought the Kyuubi out of the depths of hell, an infant dragon demon child was also unintentionally brought up as well. The child was named Yuta -- she has no known last name other than the one she had given herself; Nanashi. This time was technically Yuta's birth; she aged in Hell only when her creators saw fit and didn't change from then on as long as she was in the bounds of her prison. It is unknown on her on what had happened after that, only that an unknown was traveling at the time and saw her... he raised her, despite her inhuman appearance of neko-like horns and a dragon tail, he had raised her until four years old. Then he was assassinated by a shinobi from the Rain Village, Yuta believes the ninja was sent by Madara himself to kill those affiliated with her but has no proof of it. At that time Yuta had evolved and had the abilities of your average seven year old; at the time she was in a small village to the west of Sunagakure.
The child had become your average street rat and lived off scraps from the townsfolk, others shunning her and treating her like an animal because of her demonic appearance and aura. Eventually a jounin by the name of Honidoshi entered the village traveling to Sunagakure after finishing a mission, he had found her and decided to see what this girl that looked so inhuman was. After a few words and a trip to Yuta's first time at a ramen shop, he went back to Sunagakure with Yuta silently following along. He pretended that he didn't notice, but Yuta's stealth skills at the time of seven years old weren't that good. After she wouldn't leave his side for quite some time, Honidoshi had eventually adopted her and begun training her in the shinobi ways after seeing her ability of shadow manipulation and her inhuman attributes. She progressed quickly and flawlessly through her training, passing the academy tests into the rank of genin by age ten. At this time Yuta had met a boy named Gaara in Sunagakure, trying to befriend him but failing. She didn't stop, and continued to pester him and try to be friends with him. He hesitantly accepted the friendship barely even calling it that, them having in common the demons they posses despite Yuta being the demon. He continued to train her as well as supply her with her taijutsu skills, seeing her as his own daughter as years passed. By age 12, Honidoshi decided to seal Yuta's demonic powers within herself partially giving her a relatively human appearance. Within months her dragon-like horns had disappeared, her tail disappeared, her fangs shortened, her nails appeared more human, and her red-slit eyes had changed to an emerald green. She continued to train, her efforts becoming not as flawless but great for her age as she progressed through the ranks of shinobi. By the age of 15, Yuta had become an elite jounin and was deciding whether to join Sunagakure's ANBU or not. She begun getting bored with the village; the missions were too easy, too limited, her ability just itched to burn others instead of her targets, etc. She left the village shortly after because of her thirst for power and progressed through the shinobi world as a rogue ninja. One year later, she found the fun of being in danger nearly constantly wasn't enough... she heard about an evil organization called "AKATSUKI" and went to discover what this was about. She entered after tracking down one of their members with her stealth skills, and got them to take her back to the base after pestering them and engaging into battle with Deidara. There she entered the Akatsuki and followed Pain's word with no regret, always doing her duty no matter how hard or grueling it would be. After a few years when she turned eighteen, her visual age seemed to have stopped as she seemed to have never grown again physically though not mentally.
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Yuta Sayu Nanashi
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