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 Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation

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PostSubject: Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation   Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation Icon_minitimeThu Mar 11, 2010 3:45 am

Name: Crystal Setsuna
Nick name: Crys or Kris
Age: looks around 22 is actually around 120 years
Rank: S rank
Village: unknown she tends to be located near the forest of illusions
Affiliations: None
Elements: She has no set element she can use all but her favorites are lighting shadow light water and earth.
Kekke Genkai: Crystal's Kekke Genkai revolve around a mixture of the Uchiha Sharigan and the Hyuuga byakugan. It can see chakra points while mimicing an apponents move or only do one. This kekke Genkai also has the ability to mimic other Kekkai Genkai but that takes an immense amount of chakra but once seen she never forgets it and she can use it all the time.Her other Kekke Genkai can only be used once and it based on the elven aging properties. She can save someone who is barely alive and would die otherwise without using that kekke genkai all elves have it.
Bio: Crystal is about 5'10 firey red hair and emerald green eyes she is a slender 155 pounds she is very good with Gen jutsus so she can easily hide her elven heritage. She has a darker half which is like a split personality due to a binding justu to seal the powers of chaos and she was affected by the out burst of chaos while her mother was pregnant with her which allowed her to use all the elements and become chaotic in nature and be bound to keep the chaos door closed and make her aging even slower than that of an normal elf. This chaotic outburst is also the reason why she has a alternate evil personality her chakra has a limit but usually her body tires out before her chakra abilities go low. Her evil side has an entirely different look with hair color and eye color no one could ever figure out why her hair turns stark white and her eyes go black with yellow irises many believe it is a side effect of the chaotic wave but nothing definate can be found out. She could easily rank with the sanins in battle but in the elven ranks she is just a high ranking on the jonin level. Her healing abilities are easily knowledge wise can rival Tsunade. She has no family attachments since her family was destroyed by her brother and she was forced to kill him because he went crazy and was influenced by the god of chaos to destroy what he wanted to protect most. Therefore any mention of no one understanding of losing their entire family in once shot is a touchy subject and will easily send her to anger or tears depending on how it is brought up.

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PostSubject: Re: Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation   Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 2:44 am

approved ^^
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Crystal Setsuna Character appilcation
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