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 Okami Naitoma

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PostSubject: Okami Naitoma   Okami Naitoma Icon_minitimeSun Apr 11, 2010 4:29 am

Name: Okami Naitoma

Nickname: Okai (O.ka.e)

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O-

Rank: S

Former Rank: Special Jounin

Village: Kumogakure (Cloud Village)

Affiliation: Akatsuki

Element(s): Lightning, and fire

Pet(s): Takumi

Specializes in: Senjutsu and Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Has yet to be fully discovered, though Okami has come to believe that her physical Kekkei Genkai are her abnormal features. Such has her cat-like ears that can hear the slightest of sounds from far distances and her wolf-like tail that can cut through trees and perhaps even metal if she tried.

Personality: Okami is hyper and kind usually, having a soft spot for every living creature. For some reason Okami has a natural love for wolves. Even though Okami may be sweet and innocent most of the time she does have a dark side, but she shows it rarely. Once Hidan got a glance of what her dark side was like and trust me he didn't enjoy that pain nor did like that his swearing record was beat 10x. From that day on Hidan has feared her. Okami loves to enjoy the company of the Akatsuki, espeically Tobi. Tobi and Okami will mostly spend there days at the hideout playing if they get the chance. Even though Okami has always wanted to see behind his strange lolipop-like mask she controls herself and enjoys the time she spends with him. She has nicknamed most of the Akatsuki so far.

Zetsu: Plant man
Tobi/Madara: Lolipop

Deidara: Deii
Sasori: Sori

Hidan: Grape
Kakuzu: Senpai

Kisame: Jaws
Itachi: Chi-chi

Pein/Nagato: Orange
Konan: Blu

Okami is annoyed easily and also short tempered. She hates to be called "Shorty", "Cherry", and "Blaze". In battle Okami is playful and cruel. She normally starts of with weak attacks but once she becomes serious she starts using more advanced attacks. Okami loves music. She loves to sing and sometimes goes off into her own world when doing so. When it comes to dance, Okami knows how to... "break it down". She is a very good artist when it comes to paintings. Unlike most "nekos", Okami has yet to be slayed. In Kumogakure, neko are game. As in they are hunted and killed for fun and sport. Okami, being as stubborn as she is, refused to be hidden away. Okami left her village because of what she had done but that tale is for another time.

Appearance: Okami is a short girl, about 5'4. She has long white hair with a red circle coming from the center of her head going to her forehead. She has strange markings under her eyes. They start at the starting of her eyes and cut off her face. She also has these same strange symbols on her body just in different forms. Her eyes are coal black. Their perfect for when she wants to beg for something or see at night. Considering her body, she has that hourglass shape.

Casual: A white top shows off her stomach, red short shorts with a white belt, average white ninja shoes, red fingerless gloves, and a red choker with a golden heart locket hanging from it
Akatsuki: Akatsuki cloak, including the locket
Special: A white kimono that has red swirls everywhere. It's sleeves go past her hands, making her look younger than she is. It ends at her knees, making her look smaller than she is. She also wears her locket. My point is that the whole thing just makes her look younger.[/u]

Short short bio: Okami was born on the frist day on spring. She was named after her mother, Okami. She was always mistreated and teased as a child for her unusual features. They even beat her for being different but Okami didn't question them, from listening them for so long, she came to believe that she was a monster and still does.
The only thing left from Okami's childhood is a locket that was given to her by her father, she was told it was mean't to be given to her by her mother but sadly she had passed before she had the time to. Okami can't even remember how any of her family looked nor can she remember who they were. All she can rely on are the flashbacks that she gets when sleeping. She now owns a male wolf named Takumi.
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Okami Naitoma
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