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 Hazumikage's Tour to Konoha.

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Shin Ishihana

Shin Ishihana

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Hazumikage's Tour to Konoha. Empty
PostSubject: Hazumikage's Tour to Konoha.   Hazumikage's Tour to Konoha. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 11:31 pm

A large amount of blue petals float through the air to a particular rooftop, forming Shin's body entirely, Shin knew he wasn't allowed in Konohagakure, because he was from a minor village, but he still went there for the thrill of it all. "What an amazing village...It still seems primitive compared to ours though..." He said, examining all of the village. His kage outfit on so the others could know he was high ranking. "Nice summer's day." he said to himself smiling.
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Hazumikage's Tour to Konoha.
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